Gas Flaring Regulations

Gas Flaring Regulations 2017/2018 Update U.S. EP companies have a new concern with regulation compliance when drilling and operating oil wells. Gas flaring. Federal gas flaring regulations are already in effect and some states either have passed, or are passing new gas flaring regulations, limiting the amount of gas flaring at each well site. Why? November 2016 – Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said the new rule updates 30-year-old drilling regulations to meet modern standards and ensure that natural gas is…

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Oil & Gas Investor Financing

Oil & Gas Investor Financing 2020 Oil & gas investor financing is available right now for select projects. 2019 was a year that millions of dollars were invested in the oil and gas industry. Will your project be a part of that same trend in 2020? Are you an oil field lessee or an owner/operator that would like to sell your oil and gas production for an immediate lump sum payment? Or are you seeking oil lease acquisition financing? Let…

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