Oil & Gas Investor Financing 2020

Oil & gas investor financing is available right now for select projects. 2019 was a year that millions of dollars were invested in the oil and gas industry. Will your project be a part of that same trend in 2020?

Oil & Gas Investor Financing

Are you an oil field lessee or an owner/operator that would like to sell your oil and gas production for an immediate lump sum payment? Or are you seeking oil lease acquisition financing?

Let Critical Mass Capital arrange your oil and or gas divestiture sales transaction for a quick, hassle-free sale, or your acquisition financing.

All transactions are fully transparent and you will be made a fast, competitive offer, based on your current LOS, BOPD production levels, production decline curve, WI, NRI, reserve information, etc for your sale.

Prior to contacting us, be prepared to submit an appropriate geology report (Rider Scott, Hamilton, or equivalent report) and/or LOS — lease operating statements, (based on reserve size and owner/lessee status) to get a quick Q & A call scheduled and receive an offer.

Email or call today to discuss details of your divestiture prior to submissions. We can also arrange oil and gas well financing for producers, providing working capital ranging from $1 million to $100 million for reserve-based acquisitions and monetizations with associated enhancement and/or development, with acceptable BOPD.

Our ideal (financing client) for reserve-based acquisitions, monetizations and drilling programs is one with an established track record, regional expertise and an executable development plan.

Please obtain all documents required for a review of your oil & gas investor financing request prior to contacting us, to reduce our review time so that we may provide you an answer within a shorter time frame.

Contact us here, or at Critical Mass Capital for the oil & gas investor financing you require.