Welcome to Oil and Gas Finance 2021

This website was created to raise awareness of the availability of capital for oil and gas finance in the (Contiguous 48 States), for:

oil and gas finance Financing for experienced E&P teams seeking acquisition and drilling capital

oil and gas finance Owners of producing oil assets seeking divestitures and buyers

oil and gas finance Royalty interest holders seeking royalty backed credit facilities

oil drum Oil and Gas pipeline and infrastructure financing

oil drum Financing for oil and gas support companies – trucking, etc

oil and gas finance Financing for oil and gas EP companies seeking lease acquisitions

This website — OilandGasFinance.net is a sister site of Critical Mass Capital. We are capital advisors and loan originators for private investors and small to lower mid-market energy EP companies.

We represent a number of private capital groups that are oil and gas investors and financial institutions that finance the operations of upstream and midstream oil and support companies. Capital is available from $1 million – $100 million.

Smaller capital requests and equipment leasing requests for oil and gas support companies – (trucking companies, etc.) are gladly reviewed also.

oil and gas finance

Again, this website was not created to inform investors of the many tax advantages or lucrative ROI associated with oil related investments. There are numerous sites across the Internet for investors seeking that information.

Consider this Oil and Gas Finance website as your gateway website to the capital you’re seeking.

Great strides were made in 2020 in US oil production (attaining production numbers greater than the Saudis) and that trend will continue through 2021 and beyond. Our function is to support that growth with capital needed to finance your ventures.

We want to be your financial partner. To get started, all we need for a quick review are your third-party reserve reports, engineering reports, or LOS’s, (Lease Operating Statements), summaries, etc.

Engaging with us as a client is simple and without any upfront costs. Simply send us your project/capital request information (NDA’s executed upon request if required) and we will give you a quick answer as to how we may be of help. It’s that simple.

We have oil and gas investment groups and financial institutions standing by. Now that you’ve found Oil and Gas Finance, call or email us to discuss your capital and financing needs today.

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